Qunday *54

I know it’s late. I’m beat, too. I should be in bed sleeping with Sparks; cuddling up to one of my favorite all time beings on this planet (Mr. Sparkles). However, I was just reminded – upon reading the comments here ON FACEBOOK – how rampant something like AGE SHAMING is.

So, since you’re awake and you’re reading this, I’m going to leave you with a pleasant but not preachy reminder:

Never forget, if you’re not DEAD you are getting OLDER.

You will, hopefully, be right where HE is. Don’t be a bitch. Try to see the merit, try to even appreciate, people of all ages and walks of life.

Maybe they’re not your cup of tea. Maybe you liked them more when they were young(er). However, seldom is it appropriate to freely distribute that fact – even if you think you’re anonymous here online. Because you’re not. And even if you’re not worried about being nameless, faceless – your comments still affect someone. And no matter how much we condition ourselves not to worry about what others say and think about us, we’re still HUMAN. It still will on some level. Do you really want to be a part of the global community that pushes others down and not lifts them up alongside you?

So, live and let live. And don’t forget to love a little on the way.

Brent Corrigan



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